Augmented Technologies design and deliver cutting-edge mobile geospatial solutions for use on smart phones, tablets and video eyewear. Our primary focus is blending Geographic Information Solutions with augmented reality visualisation techniques to create flexible Situational Awareness tools. Our award winning Awila solution, offers intuitive user interaction and multiple viewing modes so you can choose the best view of an environment, either in the office or on-site. In addition to Awila, we also provide plug-in tools and services to enable compelling, cost-effective Location Based Services.

Awila, incorporating our ground-breaking m3 technology, is not only an augmented reality browser, but also a computer vision tool and advanced mapping application for Android. Utilising OGC standards for data connectivity and off-line content storage, it renders GIS data in 2D or 3D on your local device. Based on the devices location and orientation, Awila provides a 'heads-up' overlay on the world, on an image target or as a 2D map for the immediate vicinity. Our approach to situational awareness and visualisation provides a fast and incredibly simple tool for exploring both the real and the virtual worlds at the same time.

AR should be simple, that´s why our unique approach to content management and publication means you can get a geographically enabled set of data configured and deployed to your target audience within minutes. No development, no data conversion and no additional authoring software are required. Simply fill-out an online form within our portal to configure the layers, describe the area it covers, who your community is and provide some optional display information... That's it, your global!

As well as believing AR content should be simple to publish, we believe in giving you options on how a solution is delivered. Explore the product comparison to discover how you can combine our three core components to deliver a cost-effective and flexible multi-map-mode experience to users within your world.

Our Services

In addition to the Awila AR solution, we provide;

  • Geo-data hosting and publication
  • Geo-data processing, manipulation and analysis services
  • AR content capture and modelling
  • OGC Web-service implementations
  • StruMap support and installation

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